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Protecting children’s best interests during family law litigation

| Feb 5, 2018 | Family Law

When New Jersey parents divorce, most want to protect their children from exposure to long, drawn out courtroom battles. Good parents want what is best for their children, even when their own marriages are no longer sustainable. Family law problems can arise, however, when parents disagree about how to interpret what is best for their kids.

While some parents use their children as pawns to get what they want in divorce proceedings, most parents would agree that this type of behavior can be harmful to children. Children typically face many emotional challenges when their parents separate. The last thing they need is to be pitted against one or the other parent.

In fact, the court is usually of the opinion that children fare best when provided opportunities for ample time with both parents in divorce. The key is to develop a parenting plan agreement that helps everyone involved. Parents who wish to avoid acrimonious courtroom battles may consider collaborative law or divorce mediation as possible options.

An experienced family law attorney can help protect a parent’s rights as well as make sure the main focus of negotiation is the children’s best interests. Parents who enter such processes willing to cooperate and compromise often come out on top when it comes to developing sustainable parenting plans. Getting divorced doesn’t have to mean that children must choose where their loyalty stands between one parent and the other. With appropriate guidance and legal assistance, a New Jersey parent can seek a fair settlement that covers all the bases.

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