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Police say driver was careless in fatal personal injury crash

As opposed to homes in rural areas where there may be miles between residences, many homes in New Jersey are built along roads lined with sidewalks. Such homes typically have driveways leading from homeowners' properties to the roadways. Police have faulted a particular motorist for carelessness in a personal injury collision that resulted in fatality.

Are New Jersey immigrants afraid to call police for help?

Most New Jersey residents logically assume that police will come to their aid if they call them for help. For instance, if a particular resident were to witness someone on their property in the wee hours of the morning whom he or she neither invited there nor recognized at all, it would not be uncommon for the resident to call police to investigate the matter. Immigrants in a neighborhood in another state are worried that reaching out for such help may wind up landing them behind bars instead of a possible intruder.

Personal injury law -- 2 killed in New Jersey car accident

One would not necessarily think there would be much traffic on New Jersey roads in the early hours past midnight. However, all it takes is one act of negligence to cause a motor vehicle collision that results in personal injury. A recent incident resulted in injuries to several travelers and also caused the tragic deaths of two passengers.

Do you understand your rights?

The English language is one of the most difficult to learn. Even those who grow up knowing nothing but English are often confused by certain phrases, words and grammar rules. If Spanish is your primary language, you may find yourself learning new English vocabulary and idioms each day. However, when police are reading you your Miranda rights, this is the wrong time to try to understand unfamiliar terms.

Protecting children's best interests during family law litigation

When New Jersey parents divorce, most want to protect their children from exposure to long, drawn out courtroom battles. Good parents want what is best for their children, even when their own marriages are no longer sustainable. Family law problems can arise, however, when parents disagree about how to interpret what is best for their kids.

Immigration and naturalization process halted upon detention

Many New Jersey residents are currently navigating processes to become permanent residents or citizens of the United States. The immigration and naturalization system is often complex; any number of obstacles may arise to delay or prevent an immigrant from accomplishing his or her goals. In one man's case in another state, the biggest impediment is currently risk of deportation.

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