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Family law obstacles may arise when bringing a child to the US

For many New Jersey immigrants, the day they obtained their green cards was a highlight in their emigration journeys. Some arrived in this state with dreams of starting their own businesses. Others simply wanted to put down roots and raise their families here. No two stories are exactly the same, although many have similarities. A high priority for those who are parents intersects family law because it involves bringing children from other countries to live in the United States.

Personal injury: New Jersey crash leads to two fatalities

In certain sections of New Jersey roads, left-hand turns are navigated from right-hand lanes. This type of road design is commonly called a jug handle. A recent tragedy occurred when a couple traveling together in a minivan was awaiting their turn to merge. Collisions at intersections and merge lanes often result in severe personal injury to those involved. In this case, the outcome was the worst possible.

Could you qualify for cancellation of removal?

Many people call the United States home. Numerous individuals were born here and obtained automatic citizenship, and others may have gone through certain legal routes in order to gain permanent residency, temporary visas or citizenship. For most of the individuals in the latter category, coming to America was a considerable step in their lives that allowed them to find better opportunities.

White-collar crimes: Serious defense needed for serious crimes

If you face criminal charges of any kind in New Jersey, you would be wise to take your situation seriously. This is a direct threat to your personal freedom and your future opportunities, and you would benefit from confronting these charges appropriately. This is especially true if you are dealing with accusations of committing a white-collar crime.

Police not ruling out intoxication in fatal personal injury crash

A tragedy occurred on the New Jersey Turnpike that has left a community reeling with grief. Fatal personal injury incidents like this one often lead to extensive post-accident investigations. Preliminary investigation showed that two vehicles collided head-on, resulting in the deaths of both drivers.

These drugs can lead to legal problems as well as addiction

Millions of people throughout the United States, including many in New Jersey, are currently taking some form of medication to treat acute or chronic adverse health conditions. Perhaps you have a bad back that inhibits your ability to function on a daily basis or suffered injury in a car accident and are trying to alleviate some of your pain in recovery. Maybe you don't have an injury but have been having trouble sleeping because of certain family or marital problems.

Interior immigration detentions appear to be on the rise

If there's one topic that is likely to arouse contentious debate in both political and private circles, immigration may be it. If New Jersey residents were asked to participate in a survey regarding personal or political views on immigration and, in particular, immigration detentions, results would no doubt vary. Some might say reform and advocacy is greatly needed for immigrants in this state and throughout the nation and others would probably call for more stringent regulation and increased deportations.

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