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Was your personal injury caused by another person’s negligence?

| Dec 9, 2017 | Personal Injury

New Jersey hospital emergency rooms are filled with people who have suffered various types of injuries, some minor, others life-threatening and many, somewhere in between. Achieving a full recovery often depends on several factors, including the type of medical care received and resources available to help with at-home recuperation when the time comes. In some circumstances, such as when a car accident that resulted in personal injury, there may also be economic losses and other damages that place undue burden upon a recovering victim.

There is no reason a person who suffers injury in a motor vehicle collision he or she did not cause should be held accountable for the expenses associated with the incident. While a particular family may rejoice at the fact that a loved one survived a collision, it may also experience great anxiety if unprepared to meet the costs that arise in the aftermath of the accident. It is no secret that medical care is very expensive even when injuries are not life-threatening.

If your injuries were moderate to severe, you may have suffered temporary or permanent disability. In fact, your life may have been changed forever the instant the accident happened. If you later learn that the driver believed responsible was drunk, was texting behind the wheel or was otherwise reckless or negligent, it is understandable you may wish to pursue justice in a civil court.

An experienced personal injury legal team, such as Zucker Steinberg & Wixted, in New Jersey, is fully prepared to assist you as you seek legal accountability against a driver whose carelessness caused you to suffer. You can reach out for support by accessing the contact form conveniently located on our website. We are ready to act on your behalf to pursue compensation for any and all damages you have endured.

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