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Criminal defense situation has made officer ineligible for work

| Dec 5, 2017 | Criminal Defense

Those who break laws in New Jersey may face unforeseen complications and challenges down the line, long after their situations have been adjudicated in court. Criminal defense attorneys often help defendants mitigate their circumstances as much as possible so as to minimize potential long-term negative effects. There are some circumstances, however, that carry over into the future no matter what the outcome might have been in court.

An example of this can be found in a recent case involving a police officer who had been working in the local sheriff’s K9 department. Part of his job included using cocaine as a training mechanism for the dogs under his mastery. The officer pleaded guilty on a recent Thursday to official misconduct.

In short, the officer admitted that he stole some of the cocaine meant for training purposes and used it himself. He also said that he initially blamed some of his work colleagues for the missing drugs. The officer was arrested and charged in March 2017.

Not only was he suspended from his job, he is now ineligible for public employment as well as any future government employment in New Jersey. This particular officer was used to a six-figure income; therefore, the after effects of the situation will likely cause him further problems down the line. Anyone in need of criminal defense guidance for similar issues may reach out for support from a criminal lawyer in the area, which is usually the best means for obtaining the most positive outcome possible in a particular situation.

Source: Toms River, NJ, Patch, “Sheriff’s K9 Officer Admits Theft Of Training Cocaine“, Karen Wall, Dec. 1, 2017

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