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Get the facts regarding damages and personal injury recovery

| Nov 10, 2017 | Personal Injury


When one vehicle slams into another on a busy New Jersey roadway, the results are often devastating. Those who survive personal injury are often left with partial or full disabilities that require extensive medical care, time off work (sometimes permanently) and various other types of living assistance. Expenses associated with a serious car accident can place significant financial hardships on those affected.

When a collision is caused by a negligent or reckless driver, recovering victims are able to seek compensation for damages in civil court. Often, damages listed in such claims reach beyond physical injuries. For instance, mental anguish may be included as an item of damage when an accident victim is plagued by emotional trauma related to a particular incident. Post-traumatic stress disorder is a serious condition that often requires months or years of psychiatric counseling to overcome.

In addition to immediate out-of-pocket costs associated with car accidents, many victims also seek monetary recovery for projected future medical expenses and loss of income earning potential. If an injury interferes with one’s ability to enjoy a normal relationship, such as marital or parental, loss of consortium may also be listed as an item of damages in a personal injury claim. The spectrum as to what types of losses may be recovered when seeking legal accountability against a negligent party following a car accident is fairly broad.

Basically, losses from any type of physical, mental or economic injury caused by the other party’s negligence may be recoverable in court. The burden of proof lies with the plaintiff in a personal injury case. Convincing a New Jersey judge or jury to hold another party or parties liable for one’s injuries can be quite challenging, and is a task that may be best undertaken by acting alongside experienced and aggressive representation in court.

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