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Immigration and naturalization changes led to man’s deportation

| Aug 16, 2017 | Immigration and Naturalization

Many of the nation’s estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants live in New Jersey. Some are undoubtedly worried (as others throughout the nation are) about recent crackdowns regarding immigration and naturalization policies that appear to target undocumented immigrants. In fact, a family who has been living in this state for a long time recently suffered great sorrow when the husband/father was forced to say goodbye as he was deported to Guatemala.

Before he left, the man asked what good his removal could possibly bring to anyone. He lamented that by deporting him, the U.S. government was causing his wife and children to live without his protection. The man’s son tearfully told reporters that he felt empty inside and that his father implored him to take his place as protector of his mother and siblings.

The family’s situation made national news with many immigrant advocates saying it is unfair that a man who has lived, worked and paid taxes in the United States for years should have to leave his family unattended. The man reportedly has not been back to his country of origin for at least 15 years. No one knows when he will be able to reunite with his family in the United States.

Immigration and naturalization law is very complex and constantly changing. It can be utterly frightening to think that one may be torn apart from one’s loved ones. Anyone in New Jersey facing similar problems to the man in this situation can reach out for support by requesting a meeting with an attorney experienced in immigration advocacy.

Source:, “New Jersey man tearfully says goodbye to wife and children as he is deported“, Monsy Alvarado, Aug. 12, 2017

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