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Drunk drivers frequent menaces on New Jersey roadways

It's challenging enough to arrive safely at your destination when navigating busy New Jersey roadways during times of highly congested traffic. If you get stuck sharing with the road with someone who's had too much alcohol to drink before getting behind the wheel, your chances of being involved in a collision greatly increase. Drunk driving is a criminal offense, not a mere traffic violation; those injured by drunk drivers are able to seek full recovery for their losses by filing personal injury claims in court.

Another heated immigration dispute re a mother's DACA status

One can only imagine the emotional turmoil of two children, ages 5 and 11 months, at suddenly being separated from their mother. That's exactly what has happened, however, in a controversial immigration situation that has taken place in another state. The children's mother, age 22, is about to be deported from the United States even though those advocating on her behalf say her legal status is protected through the federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Act.

Criminal charges may impact your immigration proceedings

Living as an immigrant in New Jersey has no doubt presented several challenges in your life. In addition to common struggles, such as language barriers and cultural differences, you may have also faced complications regarding your legal status, employment or other official matter at some point in your journey. Many immigrants say they live in fear, especially where recent crackdowns on legal enforcement of deportation regulations are concerned.

Immigration and naturalization changes led to man's deportation

Many of the nation's estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants live in New Jersey. Some are undoubtedly worried (as others throughout the nation are) about recent crackdowns regarding immigration and naturalization policies that appear to target undocumented immigrants. In fact, a family who has been living in this state for a long time recently suffered great sorrow when the husband/father was forced to say goodbye as he was deported to Guatemala.

3 questions you may have about disorderly conduct

From time to time, many people enjoy going out with their friends and letting loose. You may take advantage of such outings yourself, and you may also enjoy the occasional alcoholic beverage. Of course, you likely also know that such outings could have the potential to get out of hand if someone consumes too much alcohol or otherwise becomes too rowdy.

$1.4 million settlement in New Jersey personal injury claim

Life can change in an instant. One minute, a promising New Jersey student is driving along the road; the next minute that same student is involved in a car accident that alters that promising future. Depending upon what happened and who is at fault for the accident, this student may have a personal injury claim against the other driver.

Criminal defense ongoing in New Jersey carjacking case

News reports are often filled with acts of violence and wrongdoing. As a result, the New Jersey public has become more vigilant in watching out and protecting themselves. Additionally, local law enforcement officers remain on the lookout for possible concerns and are usually quick to respond when there is a perceived problem. For those charged with such acts of violence or wrongdoing, a strong criminal defense will be needed in answering to such charges.

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