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Every murder is a homicide, but not every homicide is a murder

Do you use the words homicide and murder as if they mean the same thing here in the United States? Many people make this mistake. In legal terms, the two words mean different things. The definition of homicide includes any person killed by another person, but that death might not necessarily fall under the definition of murder.

Immigrants face uncertain future in New Jersey

Immigrant communities and attorneys are doing their best to parse through some recent statements by Governor Chris Christie after Princeton University made a show of defying President Trump's move gather up and deport large numbers of immigrants. Christie's remarks indicate that he supports the President's efforts to deport "dangerous" immigrants, but he also seemed unbothered that the sweeping new efforts are affecting immigrants with no violent history at all.

It's still legal to purchase guns in America

Many New Jersey residents own guns. In fact, data shows nearly two thirds of all adults own firearms. The Second Amendment protects your right bear arms. Now, if we're talking about carrying a concealed firearm in public, there are specific laws and regulations that govern such things. As long as you follow those, you can do it. Not everyone looking to buy a gun is familiar with the process to do so legally.

Are you planning to hire immigrants?

As a New Jersey employer, you're likely aware of the labor shortage in America. In fact, this might be one of several reasons you're considering hiring employees who are emigrating here from other countries. Many business owners also believe that having a diverse workforce helps them become more competitive on a global scale. Skilled immigrants often possess a variety of skills and accreditations in many different fields.

Do you know your rights during an immigration arrest?

In the wake of the executive orders signed by President Trump on January 27, many immigrants are worried about the threat of deportation. Whether they are one of the 11 million undocumented immigrants in this country or are here as a permanent resident, there may be reason to worry.

When medical care leads to deportation

When discussing the topic of deportation in the United States, the medical industry might not seem to be connected. However, it is actually quite common for hospitals to deport undocumented immigrants directly from the hospital while they are receiving care for a chronic disease, according to a recent NPR report.

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