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Aggravated felonies must be fought fiercely

| Jan 12, 2017 | Immigration and Naturalization

If you are an immigrant in the United States, you already know that fair treatment is not always easy to come by for those who are not citizens here. It is vital to your safety and ongoing freedom to do everything you can to stay on the right side of the law. Not only are you responsible for yourself, your actions (or even actions you may be accused of) also reflect on the greater immigrant community. For this and many other reasons, it is vitally important that you do everything you can to avoid being charged with a felony. Unfortunately, this is even harder for immigrants than citizens.

For immigrants, there are several kinds of charges that are considered felonies, or “aggravated felonies,” which are otherwise only classified as misdemeanors for citizens. In some cases, an aggravated felony may include actions that are not even criminalized otherwise. While this may be unfair, it is the reality of the current system.

The good news, however small it may be, is that being charged with a crime does not automatically mean you will be deported — but the chances become very high once you are facing charges.

If you are an immigrant facing charges, especially aggravated felony charges, it is absolutely vital that you build a strong defense. If you are not willing to fight as hard as you can against the charges, you may face deportation. The attorneys at Zucker, Weinberg and Wixted understand the importance of remaining free and are committed to working with immigrants from all backgrounds to help people just like you fight unfair accusations or punishments. Your rights as an immigrant should remain protected, and Zucker, Weinberg and Wixted will fight to preserve them.

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