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If someone else caused you personal injury, why should you pay?

Medical treatment is expensive. Going to a hospital for even a minor issue can result in weeks or months of medical bills. In a more serious situation, especially if you suffer personal injury in a car accident or other unexpected incident, you might be completely unprepared to cover the costs of health care. New Jersey law allows recovering accident victims to seek monetary judgments if their injuries were caused by someone's negligence.

What if you're driving along the highway and another car careens out of its lane and into your line of traffic? If the vehicle hits you and you wind up needing stitches, surgery or other medical treatment, you should not have to bear the burden of financial expenses associated with the incident. A distracted or drunk driver or a motorist who was otherwise negligent or reckless can be held financially accountable for the damages his or her actions have caused.

New Jersey crash resulted in personal injury to 9 travelers

Driving in New Jersey can be quite dangerous. One never knows if there's a distracted or reckless driver nearby. Sudden, erratic maneuvers can cause serious collisions that result in personal injury and, in worst cases, death.

A crash occurred on  a recent Saturday at approximately 11:30 a.m. on the Garden State Parkway. Officials say a sport utility vehicle had been traveling in the southbound lane moments before the collision took place. For some reason, the SUV careened out of its lane, over a median and into the northbound lane.

Pregnant Amazon employees file civil litigation over firings

People all over New Jersey take great pride in their jobs. While most businesses appreciate the work that their employees do, there are those who do not honor employer obligations mandated by law. This includes fair wages for work, appropriate meal and rest breaks and the assurance that protected classes will not experience workplace discrimination. Several Amazon employees say that they were fired for being pregnant, which is, by law, a protected status. These workers are now pursing civil litigation in the hopes of holding their former employer accountable.

The former workers say that their employer did not accommodate their needs in regard to pregnancy. They asked their supervisors and managers for more time to use the bathroom and to work for less time on their feet. Several of these employees allege that when they informed supervisors that they were pregnant, they were fired soon afterward. Critics say that as Amazon has expanded, it has done so at the cost of its workers and treated many employees unfairly in addition to those who are pregnant. The company, they say, values productivity over the needs of the people who make Amazon what it is.

Is your business ready to sue someone?

Every day, your business activities include making difficult decisions. This may involve your ordering process, dealing with employees or keeping your customers happy. One decision you may not expect to make is whether you should file a lawsuit against someone.

If you are facing a conflict that involves a client, former employee, another business or someone else associated with your company, you have likely already spent time dealing with the issue. Perhaps you are losing money with each passing day, and you wonder what your options are to resolve the issue. While it is not unusual for business owners to file lawsuits, it is important to understand the appropriate steps to take and the reasonable outcomes to expect.

New Jersey travelers suffered personal injury on Monday evening

A recent Monday proved disastrous for seven New Jersey travelers. They were involved in a multi-vehicle crash that resulted in personal injury. Investigators say there were at least 12 vehicles involved in the collision. The good news is that all seven people who were transported to the hospital are expected to survive their injuries.

An 18-year-old woman gave an account of what she witnessed. She said she was driving along the highway when she saw a tractor-trailer strike a median and become airborne. The young woman said she had to swerve to try to avoid a collision.

Your future when charged with committing a hate crime

If police recently arrested you and charged you with a crime, you may have been shocked and confused when you learned that authorities intend to prosecute the offense as a hate crime. Calling it a hate crime gives prosecutors the option of leveling much more severe penalties against you. If a court convicts you, not only will you face the penalties for the original offense, but even harsher consequences for the hate crime.

The crux of a hate crime is your intentions. In fact, your motivation for committing the crime is essentially the definition of a hate crime. In order to effectively move forward with your defense, it is wise to obtain as much information as you can about hate crimes in New Jersey and your rights throughout the criminal proceedings.

Immigration and naturalization: Things to know about citizenship

In New Jersey and elsewhere, there are many immigrants whose ultimate goals include becoming citizens of the United States. Pursuing citizenship can be a lengthy and stressful process. However, the more one learns about the system ahead of time, the easier it might be to navigate.

Before a person can become a citizen, he or she must meet eligibility requirements. If eligible, a process unfolds that includes filling out various forms, getting fingerprinted and attending an official interview. An immigrant seeking citizenship must also take a test.

Marked police car involved in fatal personal injury crash

New Jersey roads can be dangerous, especially for pedestrians. Even if those traveling by foot adhere to crosswalk regulations and act with caution, there is no guarantee against personal injury if a negligent driver is nearby. A community is grieving the loss of a 12-year-old boy, and investigators are working hard to find answers to many questions about the accident that recently took his life.

The child was walking with a group of friends just after 9 p.m. on a recent Sunday. It is common for local police to patrol the area. A patrol that was ongoing at the time, however, led to a horrific accident. The police officer's car reportedly struck the boy. While he initially survived the sudden impact of the collision, the boy died shortly after.

How pure is the forensic evidence against you?

As bad as things seemed when police arrested you, you may feel the situation getting darker. Investigators have informed you that they have evidence from the crime scene that links you to the events. Perhaps they are amending the charges or preparing to take your case to the grand jury.

If you have been or are about to be indicted for a violent crime or other felony charges, you have a right to be concerned. A conviction for such offenses can mean years or even decades behind bars. However, just because prosecutors claim to have forensic evidence against you is no reason to give up on your defense. You would be surprised how unreliable forensic evidence can be.

Fatal personal injury in a recent New Jersey collision

When the topic is vehicle sustainability upon sudden impact in a collision, a Toyota would likely be no match for a tractor-trailer. Such massive rigs have been involved with smaller vehicles in many collisions in New Jersey and other states, often resulting in catastrophic or fatal personal injury. Sadly, the latter was the case in an incident that took place on a recent Tuesday.

It was just before noon when a sudden crash occurred on Interstate 78. The driver of the car was pronounced dead at the scene. As is often the case in a fatal accident, investigators are now trying to piece together all the clues regarding the events that led to the crash.

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