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Seeking a waiver from removal or inadmissibility

Immigration laws in the United States are severe and challenging. It is not easy to obtain admittance to the country, and once you lose your immigration privileges, it is even more difficult to gain them back. You may understand that this is for the protection of the country and her citizens. However, having that understanding does not make it easier when you are at risk of separation from your family.

If you are in danger of removal from the U.S. for violating the immigration or criminal code of the country, you will likely also face an extended ban from re-entry. This may leave you with two options: taking your loved ones back to your home country with you or leaving them behind without you. When neither of these is possible, there may be a third option through applying for a hardship waiver.

Undocumented immigrant in need of strong criminal defense

U.S. immigration law is a hot topic in most states. Most New Jersey residents are among others who have political and personal opinions regarding the need for reform of the nation's current immigration policies. This does not negate the fact, however, that any person charged with a crime in this or another state is guaranteed the opportunity to present as strong a criminal defense as possible in court.  

A man in another state is now facing similar problems. He has been accused of very serious crimes that prosecutors claim he committed while posing as a ride share driver. The man is a former employee of Lyft, one of the largest ride share companies in the nation.  

New Jersey crash ends in fatal personal injury

No matter how cautious and alert a New Jersey driver is, if there happens to be another motorist on the road who is acting negligently behind the wheel, even the safest drivers in the vicinity are at risk for collision. Some car accidents leave a lot of questions unanswered, as made evident by a recent situation that resulted in a fatality. State troopers responded to the scene.  

It was a recent Tuesday when the crash occurred. Preliminary accident reports state that two vehicles were involved in the collision. Sadly, the incident resulted in one loss of life. It was mid-afternoon when the tragedy occurred. As a result, the surrounding roadways were shut down for approximately three and a half hours.  

What to do if ICE approaches you on the street

Living in New Jersey as an immigrant can be quite challenging. If you experienced a severe language barrier upon your arrival, it may have been difficult just to understand what people were saying to you or to ask simple questions of others. Hopefully, as time went on, you were able to overcome many obstacles to begin to build a new, successful life in the U.S.  

If you're one of thousands of immigrants whose paperwork may not have been fully in order when you crossed a U.S. border, then you may worry about certain issues that aren't problematic for others. For instance, do you get afraid if you see law enforcement agents in public? It's critical that you understand U.S. immigration law and know how to protect your rights, especially if an Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer starts asking you questions.  

Key factor to success in immigration removal hearings

As the federal government continues to increase the number of arrests Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents make in New Jersey and throughout the nation, discussions on the topic also continue, especially concerning the immigration removal system, which many people agree is in great need of reform. When a U.S. citizen is facing criminal charges, he or she is given the opportunity to retain legal support. If the person cannot afford to hire an attorney, the court will appoint one on his or her behalf. 

Immigrant advocates have long been decrying the fact that the system does not provide the same assistance to people who entered the United States from other countries of origin and are ordered to attend removal hearings. Those who are able to secure representation before heading to court are reportedly far more likely to avoid deportation. In fact, most of those who get deported are people who did not have an experienced immigration attorney representing them in court.  

Things to know about personal injury claims in New Jersey

New Jersey roadways, like most others in the nation, are dangerous places. Highways and byways are often traffic-laden, high-speed messes where travelers may truly feel as though it's every man for himself out there. It's no longer a matter of "if" accidents will occur, but merely when and where. Those that fall victim to one will likely have questions regarding personal injury claims.  

A key factor to seeking full recovery for one's losses hinges on the at-fault driver doing what he or she is supposed to do in the near aftermath of a collision. It is the at-fault driver who is obligated to verbally report the incident to the proper local authorities, especially if another person has suffered injury because of the fault. A report should also be filed any time estimated property damage is $500 or more.  

How criminal charges affect your immigration status

If you are in the United States on a green card or visa, you are enjoying many of the rights and privileges that come with your lawful status. Perhaps you are here to study, to visit family or to work in your chosen field. The longer you are here in New Jersey, the more comfortable you may become with your lifestyle, your friends and your community.

As a visa or green card holder, you likely understand the delicate nature of your lawful presence in this country. Unlike with U.S. citizens, one bad decision leading to a criminal conviction may remove you from many people and things you have come to love, perhaps including family members.

Foreign nationals in New Jersey at risk for immigration trouble

Just walking along a New Jersey street appears to be dangerous for certain people, especially those who came to this state from countries of other origins. In fact, more than 90 people are currently facing immigration problems after Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents took them into custody. The individuals were taken into ICE custody in various counties, including Cumberland, Essex and Hudson. 

Among one particular group of those arrested, the youngest was age 21 and the eldest was 58. All 90-plus detainees came to New Jersey from a variety of other countries, including, but not limited, to Pakistan, Korea, Cuba and Honduras. Authorities say at least 70 percent or more of those arrested have past criminal convictions, many of which included felonies. 

Criminal defense support often key to positive outcome

Anyone in New Jersey facing criminal charges can explore various defense options before heading to court. The type of criminal defense presented generally has a lot to do with how a particular case turns out. Most defendants choose to act alongside experienced professional guidance to increase their chances of avoiding conviction. Whether facing drug charges, fraud accusations or some other criminal allegation, much can be done between the time of arrest and the actual trial to build a case that may convince the court to rule in the defendant's favor.

Conviction is not always avoidable, however, as made evident in a recent situation in another state. Three people who were tried in a federal court were sentenced to prison for fraud. One of the three was sentenced to 24 months while the other two were sentenced to 68 months and 71 months respectively.

4 eligibility categories that could help you adjust your status

Living in the United States can help many people live more fulfilling lives than the ones they may have led in their native countries. Of course, if you came to the U.S. on a visa, you will need to take additional steps if you wish to permanently remain in the country. In most cases, this means seeking an adjustment to your immigration status.

If you want to obtain legal permanent residency, also known as obtaining your green card, you will need to fit into a certain eligibility category. From there, you can determine the correct steps to take in order for you to work toward obtaining your green card.

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