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Immigration issues: How ICE raids may affect New Jersey families

Many New Jersey households include members who are immigrants. The current focus of Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers may have many residents in this state and others on edge. There has apparently been a tremendous increase in ICE raids of private homes.

In the past, ICE officers typically approached people at places of business or other public venues when seeking information about legal status. Lately, however, such impromptu visits have begun taking place more frequently at people's homes. In fact, a teenager recently described being suddenly awakened at 1 a.m. when ICE officers came to her door and requested entry. The young lady refused to comply.

DWI first offenders may not lose their licenses

It is not always easy to determine which states are the strictest when it comes to dealing with drunk drivers. While some states are lowering their legal limit for blood alcohol concentration, others are fighting drunk driving by raising the penalties. In some states, you can expect to spend time in jail even for a first offense, and in others, a repeat offense may result in a felony charge.

If you are facing a drunk driving charge in New Jersey, you may be worried about what you can expect. Fortunately, lawmakers in this state seem to be as concerned about preventing drunk driving tragedies as they are about punishing offenders. You may be interested in recent changes to New Jersey's DWI law.

Seeking financial accountability when personal injury occurs

New Jersey emergency rooms are often filled with people who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents. When a collision results in serious or life-threatening personal injury, the emergency room process might merely be the first in a long line of medical visits. Depending on the situation, surgery might be necessary or repeated physical therapy sessions to help an accident victim achieve as full a recovery as possible.

Many car accident victims are completely unprepared to meet expenses associated with their collisions. Even if a person does have emergency funds set aside, he or she should not have to carry the financial burden of an accident caused by another person's negligence. If a driver was texting at the wheel, operating his or her vehicle with an impermissible blood alcohol content or was speeding, the court might see fit to hold him or her financially accountable for those actions when another person suffered injury because of it.

Depp's 2017 family law issues resolved; now facing more problems

It would not be unreasonable for a New Jersey couple to expect their legal issues to be resolved once they finalize a divorce. However, that is not always how it goes. Hollywood icon Johnny Depp and former spouse Amber Heard are entangled in a battle that shows that some people continue to have need for litigation long after a family law judge issues a divorce decree.

In Depp's case, he and Heard finalized their divorce in 2017. A main component of their agreement was a non-disclosure contract that both of them signed. The former couple's current legal problems erupted after Heard allegedly wrote an article about being a domestic violence victim.

Family law: Adjusting to a post-divorce lifestyle

Making the decision to divorce rarely comes easy. Many New Jersey spouses try numerous other options in the hope that they can restore their marital relationships. Those who determine that their marriages are no longer sustainable often encounter many challenges regarding various family law issues, which can make adapting to a new lifestyle difficult.

When two people have become accustomed to living together after many years of marriage, it can take a lot of getting used to for spouses to live without each other. It is always a good idea to take some time to feel comfortable living on one's own. Many people join new groups, take up new hobbies or make new friends to help them adapt to their new status as a single person.

Would immigration detention laws change if more people visited?

Many people in New Jersey and beyond have decried current U.S. immigration laws, citing a need for vast reform. Immigration detention, in particular, is a hot topic that typically finds those who discuss it on opposing sides, some who advocate for changes in support of immigrants and others who think laws should be even more stringent. Actress Alyssa Milano appears to be part of the former group; in fact, she recently uploaded a post on Twitter to her more than three million followers, encouraging every adult in the United States to visit immigration detention facilities.

Milano suggests people show up unannounced at such centers and then request a tour. She says she believes this is the best way to let immigration officials know the general population is watching them. Immigrant advocates who support Milano also say that visiting such facilities is a great way to connect detainees on the inside with the outside world.

Is it better to stay together for the kids?

Like many New Jersey parents, you understand the important role you play in your children's lives. Not only do they depend on you for their physical needs, but you also provide emotional support and the stability that is critical in a child's life. You want your children to be happy, but it may not be easy to set that example if you are miserable in your marriage.

Perhaps you have your own memories of sorrow and struggle after your parents split, and you want to protect your children from a similar situation. Even if every day with your spouse is a struggle, you wonder if it is better to stay in the marriage for the sake of the kids or to divorce and try for a fresh start. These are not easy questions to answer, but it may help to examine both sides.

Did an altercation lead to an aggravated assault charge?

Most people get into a physical altercation at least once in their lives. The event may have happened when they were children and were pushed by another child on the playground, or the event could have happened when they were adults. When this type of incident happens as an adult, it is more likely to result in criminal charges.

If you recently found yourself in an argument with someone else that escalated, you may have felt as if you were only defending yourself. However, authorities may still have charged you with assault. In fact, due to the circumstances, authorities believed that aggravated assault charges suited the situation.

Illnesses spreading in immigration detention facilities

When a New Jersey immigrant is placed in detention, there may be a number of factors involved. Regardless of the details, any man, woman or child residing under custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement must be provided due process of law. During detention, basic human needs of food, clothing, shelter and medical attention must be provided. At a facility in another state, there appears to be an increase in the spread of infectious disease, causing many immigrant advocates to question whether health conditions in the center are up to par.

Approximately 150 immigrants are currently quarantined at the detention center. Officials say the quarantine was prompted by the discovery of one case of mumps and another of chicken pox. The facility is run by a group that is under contract with ICE.

New Jersey man sought by police after personal injury incident

New Jersey highways are often busy, dangerous places. During holiday weekends, there is often an increase in accidents, perhaps because there are simply more cars on the road or maybe because holidays also often mean there are more drunk drivers on the road, as well. A recent incident resulted in personal injury but police have yet to locate one of the drivers involved.

Preliminary investigations show a 56-year-old woman was sitting in traffic just before 10 p.m. on a recent Friday. Her vehicle was suddenly struck from behind and she reportedly stepped out of her car, possibly to check for damage. At some point, the woman and the 21-year-old male who was behind the wheel of the other vehicle started arguing.

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