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Four vehicles, one massive crash and a fatal personal injury

New Jersey highways can be dangerous. Navigating rush hour may feel more like playing Russian roulette than commuting to and from work. Accidents happen often on state roadways, the results of which are often disastrous. A multiple vehicle collision that recently occurred led to fatal personal injury.  

It was a Monday afternoon, sometime near 3:30 p.m., when the collision occurred. There were reportedly several vehicles involved, one of which was a tractor-trailer. In addition to the massive truck, three other vehicles succumbed to the impact of the crash as well. One of the vehicles was a silver-colored van.  

Don't complain to your kids about your former spouse

Being a parent isn't always easy although many New Jersey parents say they wouldn't change it for the world. Like most parents, you probably have some good days and some bad, especially if a particular child is going through a challenging stage in life. Divorce can be a stressful time for parents and kids alike. If you recently told your children you're getting divorced, you may be concerned about the weeks and months ahead regarding what you might do to show them your support.  

Beyond what you should do to help your children through divorce, there are some things you should not do as well. In fact, you might say it takes a special kind of balancing act to address problematic issues head on; yet gently encourage your kids by letting them know you love them and are always there with a listening ear. If needed, because of emotional or legal issues that arise, you can access outside support to help your family move forward toward a happy future. 

Teacher seeking asylum is arrested, hopes for criminal defense

The legal environment for immigrants in the United States, including in New Jersey, is not a friendly one these days. The federal government has often come into conflict with the states by adopting a no-holds-barred kind of strict enforcement policy. This policy reflects criminal arrests as well as harsh deportation tactics by the feds. Criminal defense attorneys who understand and work in immigration law are at a premium.

In one recent incident, a New Jersey teacher who has an asylum request pending was seized outside his apartment by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. The 33-year-old was taken by seven ICE officers to a detention center in Elizabeth. He remains there, pending what he hopes will be some semblance of legal process.

Is the evidence against you admissible in court?

Facing criminal charges can be frightening and confusing. You may already feel the odds are stacked against you as you watch evidence mounting. Police may even try to convince you there is no point in trying to defend yourself because they have enough proof to convict you.

You should know that there is always a point to building a strong defense strategy, even if the evidence seems overwhelming. That is because there exists the chance that key pieces of evidence will not pass the rules of admissibility in a court of law. A skilled and experienced defense attorney will recognize if police violated your rights during the collection of any incriminating evidence.

Facing immigration problems regarding personal injury?

When another motorist's negligence causes you injury, you may encounter financial difficulties during recovery. In addition to the emotional trauma often associated with motor vehicle accidents, medical bills, need for time off work and physical pain may intensify one's suffering. For some New Jersey residents, other issues may complicate their recovery process, such as those who are injured by no fault of their own but are hesitant to pursue personal injury recovery because their immigration paperwork is not in order.  

Although state laws vary, it's often possible for undocumented immigrants to seek compensation for damages they've suffered in motor vehicle collisions. You may have more options than you realize. While it's understandable that such circumstances would cause someone in your situation to feel anxious or worried about the future, it's also a good idea to rely on immigrant advocates who can point you in the right direction for obtaining the help and restitution you deserve.  

Big immigration victory in court for asylum seekers

A U.S. district judge has handed down a ruling regarding the application process for those seeking asylum in the United States from other countries of origin. Many people who eventually land in New Jersey to begin new lives start out by crossing borders to the United States in fear for their lives because of imminent dangers in their homelands. Some wind up in detention centers but are released to await their immigration hearings once officials are able to substantiate their claims that they are afraid to go back to where they came from because their lives are at risk.  

The problem that was brought to the court's attention was that the federal government, more specifically, the Department of Homeland Security, often fails to inform those released that there are deadlines attached to their asylum application processes. If they fail to meet the deadlines, they are ineligible for asylum. Issuing orders during a class-action lawsuit filed by immigrant advocates, the judge said the government needs to come up with a better system for processing asylum applications.  

A need for criminal defense may not pair so well with immigration

Emigrating from another country of origin to live and work in New Jersey is not without its challenges for most immigrants. The first weeks or months in the United States may be spent overcoming a language barrier and dealing with a certain amount of culture shock. In time, new surroundings may start to feel like home, unless a serious problem arises that causes things to get a lot worse before they get better, such as winding up with a serious need for criminal defense.

Even getting a traffic ticket can be problematic for an immigrant, especially one whose residence is tied to a temporary visa, or worse, someone who has no paperwork at all. If prosecutors charge an immigrant with a serious crime, one that is listed as a felony, it may mean that life in the United States will come to an abrupt halt, and deportation proceedings will begin. If immigration officials determine removal is not necessary, a downgrade in legal status may be issued.

Consequences and alternatives to overstaying a visa

Obtaining your visa likely opened many doors for you. Perhaps your temporary status in the United States allowed you to find employment, to study at one of New Jersey's fine colleges or universities, or to visit some of the many beautiful landmarks in the country. Whatever your reason for coming, you have one pressing reason to leave. Your visa is going to expire.

As much as you may want to stay, the law is clear that if you remain in the country past the expiration on your visa, your status in the country is no longer legal. It is important that you understand the consequences of overstaying and the options available to you.

Immigration and naturalization case to be heard by Supreme Court

It's no secret that there is never a shortage of political debate in New Jersey and across the country about immigration issues. On any given day, it's likely that a survey regarding immigration and naturalization issues would produce hundreds of different answers, depending on personal, professional or partisan opinions. One situation currently being litigated at the federal level may impact the lives of many immigrants throughout the nation.

The U.S. Supreme Court has reportedly agreed to hear a case filed by the presidential administration to appeal a lower court decision. The administration argues that the lower court's ruling has impeded its efforts deport immigrants who have committed crimes. The main issue at hand is a previous court decision holding that any immigrant who has satisfied a criminal sentence may not be indefinitely detained later if he or she was not immediately detained upon completing the criminal sentence.

Man walks free from New Jersey jail, then dies

New Jersey 911 dispatchers received a phone call from a motorist, saying that moments earlier, he had been driving when he suddenly hit a motionless person lying in the road. Authorities dispatched officers to the scene so they could further investigate the situation. The details that unfolded from there tell of a tragic personal injury incident that ended in a fatality.

Investigators determined that it was not the man's vehicle that had killed the man who was lying in the road. In fact, they believed he had already been knocked to the ground by another motorist, who apparently had fled the scene. Police have ways of tracking people down, and they later caught up with the driver of the other car.

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