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Personal injury: Fatal crash involves single car

A 24-year-old man recently lost his life in a New Jersey car crash, leaving his family members to grieve over his sudden loss. Meanwhile, another 24-year-old man suffered personal injury in the collision. The fatal accident occurred on a recent Wednesday evening and involved a single car.

At about 5:30 p.m., a man was driving his car along a roadway. However, the car reportedly left the road. Police said that is when the motor vehicle hit a tree.

New Jersey community in mourning after fatal personal injury

Investigators say they have not yet determined why a vehicle veered out of its lane and into oncoming traffic on a recent Friday in New Jersey. The wayward car then struck another vehicle, which had tragic consequences. Several people were airlifted to a nearby hospital for emergency medical treatment following the sudden collision.

Sadly, two students were in the vehicle that was struck. The children's grandfather was behind the wheel of that car. The 52-year-old grandfather and his grandchildren, one in sixth grade and the other a sophomore in high school, each initially survived the personal injuries they suffered on impact in the collision.

Will residency rule stall your naturalization process?

The immigration process in the U.S. is far from easy. No matter which aspect of immigration you are pursuing, you are likely to meet with complex rules that leave no room for error. If you are ready to begin the path to citizenship through naturalization, you may find the way just as challenging. You would be wise to take advantage of legitimate resources who can provide you with help along the way.

Your first step toward naturalization is to understand the eligibility requirements for citizenship. Residency is one rule in particular that causes trouble for some in your situation. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has recently clarified its policies related to residency, and you may benefit from understanding how this may affect your quest for citizenship.

Immigration detention: Guatemalan woman in ICE custody has died

Many New Jersey households include family members who emigrated from other countries of origin to the United States. When problem issues arise regarding legal status, such people often wind up in immigration detention facilities until their cases are fully adjudicated. Since October, there seems to have been a rising death toll among detained immigrants.

A 22-year-old woman from Guatemala was navigating the asylum process and was residing in an immigration detention facility. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers took her to a hospital where she died. It is the eighth immigrant death since October 1, 2020. That is the same number of immigrant deaths there were in the entire fiscal year of 2019.

DUI does not always involve driving

A conviction for drunk driving can have a devastating effect on your future. Having a DUI on your record can complicate any future job search, disqualify you from certain professional certifications and potentially jeopardize the job you already have. It is no laughing matter and nothing to shrug off if police arrest you for drunk driving, especially in a state like New Jersey where the DUI penalties are so strict.

When you think of a drunk driving arrest, you probably imagine a police cruiser pulling up behind a car or pickup truck and officers putting the driver through a series of sobriety tests. However, this is only one situation that may fit the legal definition of a DUI. It is a good idea to understand how far police may go to place someone under arrest for suspicion of impaired driving.

Family law: Ways to improve your co-parent relationship

New Jersey parents want what is best for their children, although each parent may interpret that differently. When a married couple files for divorce, these differences of opinion can make achieving a fair settlement and workable co-parenting plan quite challenging. Every state has its own family law guidelines regarding custody, support and parenting time, which is why it is critical to seek clarification of such laws before heading to court.

When a spouse no longer wants to be in a relationship with his or her partner, he or she may feel compelled to leave the past behind as swiftly and painlessly as possible. However, while a couple can legally end a marriage, parents will always have a need to interact regarding their children. It pays to consider ideas to help keep the peace and avoid co-parenting stress.

When a personal injury case and immigration law intersect

Many New Jersey immigrants live in fear that some type of issue will arise that will spark legal status problems for them or a family member. In fact, some people may hesitate to seek legal support for a personal injury matter because they are worried about underlying immigration issues that might surface in the process. As a result, they may suffer adverse consequences that affect them and their loved ones for the rest of their lives.

Take for example a mother whose paperwork is not in good order who is admitted to a hospital to give birth. Sadly, not every labor and delivery in New Jersey goes as planned. Some mothers and infants have suffered serious illness or injuries when medical team members have provided substandard care. In the United States, if a doctor, nurse, practitioner, lab technician, or other licensed or certified professional acts with negligence on the job, a person who suffers injury because of that negligence may have grounds for filing a lawsuit in a civil court.

Theft plus violence equals robbery

While most states refer to their criminal offenses as misdemeanors or felonies, New Jersey is different. If authorities charge you with a "crime" in this state, you are likely facing very serious charges, which may be felonies in other states.

In most cases, a criminal act is more likely to result in severe charges, such as a felony or a crime, when the threat of harm to the victim is higher. The more severe the charge, the higher the likelihood of harsh penalties for a conviction. Theft and robbery are two such examples. If you are facing charges for robbery, you have much more reason for concern than for a theft charge.

Civil litigation often stems from cases like this

At 3:30 a.m., there is not typically a lot of traffic on an average New Jersey roadway. Then again, just because it is the wee hours of a morning does not necessarily mean the roads would be empty either. A recent motor vehicle collision happened at such an hour. It is the type of case that often leads to civil litigation because there were multiple fatalities and injuries.

Preliminary investigations did not produce solid answers as to what may have caused the driver of a vehicle carrying numerous passengers to careen off the roadway. The car smashed into a nearby street sign. There were at least five people in the car at the time.

ICE used immigration marriage interviews for deportation arrests

Immigrants in New Jersey and elsewhere often encounter challenges regarding their legal statuses. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers make lots of arrests when they believe people are eligible for deportation. Such arrests cause stress and fear in many families, but a U.S. District Court judge sitting in another state recently handed down a ruling that immigrant families in his particular state are happy about.

The lawsuit was filed in connection with evidence that ICE officers had lured people to marriage interviews in order to arrest them for deportation. Many immigrant advocates say that doing so placed ICE in position to act against its own policies that are meant to help prevent immigrant family separations. They are pleased with the judge's ruling because it states that ICE may not arrest people for deportation who are currently involved in  applications for permanent residency based on marriage to a U.S. citizen.

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