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White-collar crimes: Serious defense needed for serious crimes

If you face criminal charges of any kind in New Jersey, you would be wise to take your situation seriously. This is a direct threat to your personal freedom and your future opportunities, and you would benefit from confronting these charges appropriately. This is especially true if you are dealing with accusations of committing a white-collar crime.

White-collar crimes relate to illegal actions that someone commits for financial gain. Many people make the mistake of underestimating the serious nature of these charges, yet they can result in very serious penalties, including time behind bars. If you are in this situation, you have no time to lose in seeking the defense help you need to effectively confront these charges.

Police not ruling out intoxication in fatal personal injury crash

A tragedy occurred on the New Jersey Turnpike that has left a community reeling with grief. Fatal personal injury incidents like this one often lead to extensive post-accident investigations. Preliminary investigation showed that two vehicles collided head-on, resulting in the deaths of both drivers.

The accident occurred not long after midnight on a recent Saturday. A man who was well-known locally for his work in training novice boxers was behind the wheel of a car that was, for some unknown reason, headed in the wrong direction on the highway. The 41-year-old husband and father of one child was killed on impact in the crash.

These drugs can lead to legal problems as well as addiction

Millions of people throughout the United States, including many in New Jersey, are currently taking some form of medication to treat acute or chronic adverse health conditions. Perhaps you have a bad back that inhibits your ability to function on a daily basis or suffered injury in a car accident and are trying to alleviate some of your pain in recovery. Maybe you don't have an injury but have been having trouble sleeping because of certain family or marital problems.

You never know just by looking at another person what he or she may be going through behind closed doors, just like those you meet may not be aware of your hidden ailments or emotional struggles. It's definitely not uncommon for people to take various types of drugs to seek pain relief or assistance for other types of conditions. Many available drugs leave you at risk for addiction and some for serious legal problems as well. If either problem arises, you'll want to know where to seek support.

Interior immigration detentions appear to be on the rise

If there's one topic that is likely to arouse contentious debate in both political and private circles, immigration may be it. If New Jersey residents were asked to participate in a survey regarding personal or political views on immigration and, in particular, immigration detentions, results would no doubt vary. Some might say reform and advocacy is greatly needed for immigrants in this state and throughout the nation and others would probably call for more stringent regulation and increased deportations.

Some say that since the current president took office, the number of deportations has greatly decreased. A quick glance at updated statistics would appear to substantiate that claim. In fact, there have been at least 14,000 less deportations than there were a year ago. However, those numbers do not necessarily include interior detentions, meaning immigrants who are arrested after already residing within the United States as opposed to being stopped at the border.

ICE says immigration situation has nothing to do with retaliation

Many people in New Jersey and throughout the nation have been following a news story regarding a 35-year-old immigrant. The immigration situation taking place in another state involves an already deported immigrant, a detained immigrant and assertions that ICE is retaliating against the latter because he talked to the press about the former. The governor of the state where the man lives now claims he has thoroughly investigated the matter and is convinced no retaliation has taken place.

The back story involves the man in question's long-time girlfriend and the couple's children. The woman was arrested back in June and has since been deported to Mexico. The man agreed to speak to reporters and says ICE officials arrested him sometime later after identifying him as the one who spoke to the press about the arrest of his girlfriend. 

Hundreds turn out to oppose proposed immigration detention center

An 83-year-old man who grew up on a farm west of New Jersey joined hundreds of others at a recent town meeting to speak his opposition toward a proposed project in the area. Officials say a plan is in the works to construct a new immigration detention facility on the very farmland where the elderly gentleman spent his childhood. The man said professional baseball player, Lou Criger, who caught for Hall of Fame pitcher, Cy Young, also lived on the land for a time.

Because of this, the man said he thinks the farmland should be preserved as is and marked as a historical landmark. He said if his own parents were alive today, they would both be quite upset at the proposed project plans to convert the farmland to a detainment facility. Due to a delayed commission meeting, the final decision regarding the fate of the land will likely not be made until some time in March 2018.

Was your personal injury caused by another person's negligence?

New Jersey hospital emergency rooms are filled with people who have suffered various types of injuries, some minor, others life-threatening and many, somewhere in between. Achieving a full recovery often depends on several factors, including the type of medical care received and resources available to help with at-home recuperation when the time comes. In some circumstances, such as when a car accident that resulted in personal injury, there may also be economic losses and other damages that place undue burden upon a recovering victim.

There is no reason a person who suffers injury in a motor vehicle collision he or she did not cause should be held accountable for the expenses associated with the incident. While a particular family may rejoice at the fact that a loved one survived a collision, it may also experience great anxiety if unprepared to meet the costs that arise in the aftermath of the accident. It is no secret that medical care is very expensive even when injuries are not life-threatening.

What makes one assault more serious than another?

A police officer may make an arrest for assault, but New Jersey prosecutors make the determination regarding what kind of assault charge an individual faces. The circumstances surrounding the incident often factor into what type of assault someone faces, and the charge could fall into the category of misdemeanor or felony.

A felony assault often involves some aggravating factor such as the severity of injuries, whether it involved a weapon, the type of victim or the accused individual's intention. That may sound simple, but in reality, it can present challenges to a criminal defense. If you face charges for aggravated assault, prosecutors will need to prove that one of those factors existed to substantiate the more serious charge, especially since the corresponding penalties are harsher.

Criminal defense situation has made officer ineligible for work

Those who break laws in New Jersey may face unforeseen complications and challenges down the line, long after their situations have been adjudicated in court. Criminal defense attorneys often help defendants mitigate their circumstances as much as possible so as to minimize potential long-term negative effects. There are some circumstances, however, that carry over into the future no matter what the outcome might have been in court.

An example of this can be found in a recent case involving a police officer who had been working in the local sheriff's K9 department. Part of his job included using cocaine as a training mechanism for the dogs under his mastery. The officer pleaded guilty on a recent Thursday to official misconduct.

Woman worried about immigration and naturalization issues

In New Jersey and many other states throughout the nation, there are countless immigrants who obtained temporary protected legal status in 2012 when the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program began. Many of these young adults have lived in the United States most of their lives and are at various points along their immigration and naturalization journeys. Some, like one woman in another state who recently told her story, are currently worried that the recent ending of DACA has made them deportable.

This woman has a young son. She used to be married to a U.S. citizen, but is now divorced. She came to the United States as a young child, a year or so after her parents crossed its borders to live with relatives already residing in a southern state. She and her brother spent the rest of their youths and young adulthood going to school and working hard to help provide for their family.

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