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Simple hygiene can protect you during a hospital stay

Did you know that one simple change could prevent the deaths of nearly 100,000 people and the suffering of millions more? That change does not require advanced technology, degrees of higher learning or complex equipment. In fact, only two things are necessary: soap and water. That's right, hand washing can prevent the spread of infections that result in the illness and death of millions of people.

The shocking truth is that most of those infections occur in hospitals, places where you go with the hope of recovering. The germs that spread infection travel on the hands of doctors who neglect to wash or sanitize.

Immigration: ICE sued in class action claim

In New Jersey and other states, many immigrants reside in detention centers. How they arrived there varies, depending on the individual circumstances surrounding their legal statuses. No matter what prompts Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers to arrest a particular immigrant, he or she is supposed to be treated in a civil, not punitive, manner at all times.

Lack of proper medical and mental health care is a central focus in a recently filed class action lawsuit against ICE. One of the plaintiffs is a U.S. Marine veteran. This man served two active duty tours overseas and was honorably discharged after suffering serious injuries from an explosive device.

Family law concerns when divorcing a narcissist

It is definitely not easy to be married to a narcissist. It's no easy feat to maintain a lifelong relationship with someone who is completely focused on self. In fact, most narcissists are not even aware of their own conditions, which can make matters worse because it is difficult to bring problems to their attention, as they will often act like they have no idea what their spouses, friends or family members are talking about. This is why many narcissistic marriages in New Jersey and elsewhere end in family law court.

Not every marriage that includes a narcissistic spouse ends in divorce. However, it is understandable that some people simply find it impossible to sustain a relationship that is totally one-sided. A narcissist views the world and relationships according to how a particular person or situation serves his or her needs or meets his or her standards, or doesn't.

What does New Jersey law say about assault and battery?

Perhaps a night out turned into an altercation. Someone called the police, and you ended up in the back of a police car. The officer told you that he or she arrested you for assault and battery. What does that really mean under New Jersey law?

Understanding the charges you face is a big part of formulating your defense. Even a basic understanding of the charges could give you some idea of where to go from here.

Family law: Helping kids cope with divorce

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Every couple encounters challenges at some point, whether the underlying family law issues pertain to finances, child-related issues or personal matters in the relationship. Children are definitely affected by their parents' marital problems, especially if the parents wind up filing for divorce.

It is natural for parents in New Jersey to worry about how their relationship problems or pending divorce issues will affect their children's lives. Especially in situations where there is a lot of parental conflict, kids may worry about the future. Some parents try to hide their arguments or marital struggles from their children. Others believe it is not necessarily healthy to do so because kids should not be raised to think their parents' marriage is perfect.

Son, father face immigration officers in their driveway

Some immigrants in New Jersey are facing challenges regarding their legal statuses. The immigration process can be complicated and any number of problem issues can arise at any time. For one man and his son in another state, that time just so happened to be when they were in their own vehicle in their driveway.

The boy and his father were suddenly approached by uninvited visitors. They were officers from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The man and adolescent refused to get out of their van. That may have been because they believed the ICE officers could not make them exit their vehicle without a valid warrant. ICE has stated that it does not need a formal search warrant signed by a judge to take someone into custody from a vehicle.

The complex parts of a criminal trial

If you have recently been arrested for a violent crime or other felony, you may be facing one of the longest, most stressful periods of your life. You have decisions to make, including whether you will plead guilty to the charges or exercise your right to a jury trial.

Before making any decisions, you would be wise to obtain the advice of a criminal defense attorney. Your legal advisor may suggest it is in your best interests to accept a plea deal or may advise you to go to trial. If you are heading to trial, you will be better prepared if you understand the process and what you can expect during each phase.

Immigration and naturalization: When legal obstacles arise

The process through which a foreign national in New Jersey seeks permanent residency can be complicated and stressful in certain circumstances. For instance, the immigration and naturalization process necessitates having documentation showing that the immigrant in question meets all eligibility requirements. If such paperwork is not in good order, legal obstacles can arise.

A man in another state had been living in the United States for approximately 18 years. He is the father of three children. He sought sanctuary in a Lutheran church because he was worried about being at risk for deportation. In fact, he lived at the church for more than a year before recently deciding to approach immigration officials to request a stay against his removal.

Immigration issues: How ICE raids may affect New Jersey families

Many New Jersey households include members who are immigrants. The current focus of Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers may have many residents in this state and others on edge. There has apparently been a tremendous increase in ICE raids of private homes.

In the past, ICE officers typically approached people at places of business or other public venues when seeking information about legal status. Lately, however, such impromptu visits have begun taking place more frequently at people's homes. In fact, a teenager recently described being suddenly awakened at 1 a.m. when ICE officers came to her door and requested entry. The young lady refused to comply.

DWI first offenders may not lose their licenses

It is not always easy to determine which states are the strictest when it comes to dealing with drunk drivers. While some states are lowering their legal limit for blood alcohol concentration, others are fighting drunk driving by raising the penalties. In some states, you can expect to spend time in jail even for a first offense, and in others, a repeat offense may result in a felony charge.

If you are facing a drunk driving charge in New Jersey, you may be worried about what you can expect. Fortunately, lawmakers in this state seem to be as concerned about preventing drunk driving tragedies as they are about punishing offenders. You may be interested in recent changes to New Jersey's DWI law.

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