Defending You From Removal

With some immigration disputes, whether it is over deportation or attempting to complete the naturalization process, it will be necessary to head to court. When that happens, you need more than just a trial attorney. You need a trial attorney who understands the complexities of our country's fast-changing immigration laws.

At Zucker Steinberg & Wixted in Camden, New Jersey, you can work with one of South Jersey's most established immigration trial firms that has handled some of the most complex immigration cases in the region. Our firm handles all types of immigration disputes, including:

  • Getting arrested for most types of criminal charges that can lead to deportation
  • Rejected naturalization or visa applications
  • Accidentally or intentionally filling out immigration work incorrectly
  • Failing to renew a visa on time
  • Leaving the country for too long and then attempting to re-enter
  • Facing accusations of entering into a "green card marriage"

Do not wait if you are facing removal proceedings or need to resolve any immigration dispute. Call our firm today at 856-288-1767 to talk to a lawyer.

The Advantage Of Working With Our Proven Immigration Trial Lawyers

Resolving an immigration dispute is not as simple as heading to court. There are multiple federal agencies and courts that all play a role in immigration regulation and enforcement. Laws are changing all the time.

For you, the benefit of working with an established immigration firm like ours means you will work with lawyers who know how to get the best results that protect your interests. We stay up to date on developments in the law and understand the different levels that disputes proceed through, so you will always receive the strong legal guidance that you need.

Get Fast, Effective Representation When You Need It Most

As one of South Jersey's premier immigration litigation firms, there is no substitute for our experience and skills when your status in the U.S. is on the line. Schedule a consultation with a lawyer at Zucker Steinberg & Wixted in Camden by calling 856-288-1767 today.

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