Finding Effective Immigration Solutions

Zucker Steinberg & Wixted of Camden is the first law firm throughout South Jersey to fully represent immigrants in all legal matters. Whether you want to work in the U.S., bring your family over, you own a business and would like to hire immigrants or you are facing criminal charges that could lead to deportation, we can help.

At our firm, you will work directly with experienced attorneys who understand just how important it is to get the right result the first time. We take our cases personally, and we take pride in helping families stay together and build lives here in the U.S.

Talk to our lawyers by scheduling a consultation. Call us today at 856-288-1767 to learn more.

Our comprehensive service for all immigration matters includes:

  • Crimmigration: As the most experienced crimmigration firm in South Jersey, you will not have to worry about competing criminal defense and immigration lawyers only worrying about their own case. We take a big-picture approach to minimize the effects of criminal charges so you can stay in the U.S.
  • Services for families: Our work goes beyond helping you fill out forms correctly. We will be with you through the entire process, safeguarding your interests and legal rights to help your family stay together.
  • Services for workers and employers: Few attorneys in the region better understand the complex issues regarding working in the U.S. and hiring immigrants.
  • Defending against removal: As experienced trial lawyers, we can represent you before multiple agencies and legal settings when your status in the U.S. is at risk.

Do Not Trade On Experience. Call Our Firm For Help.

We are proud to have earned the trust and respect of families throughout South Jersey making better lives for themselves here in the U.S. When a simple mistake could put that at risk, get the right help from the right lawyers. Call Zucker Steinberg & Wixted in Camden today at 856-288-1767 to schedule a consultation and discuss your case.

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