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What makes one assault more serious than another?

A police officer may make an arrest for assault, but New Jersey prosecutors make the determination regarding what kind of assault charge an individual faces. The circumstances surrounding the incident often factor into what type of assault someone faces, and the charge could fall into the category of misdemeanor or felony.

Eyes on the road, as soon as I check this message

What can you accomplish in two seconds? Probably not very much. In fact, the term "two seconds" is something many people use to indicate that hardly any time has passed. You may ask someone to give you two seconds to complete a task or joke that food is edible if it spends only two seconds on the floor.

You may be able to avoid green card problems with these tips

You are likely very excited (and nervous) about seeking permanent legal residency in the United States. As you make plans for a new life in New Jersey, you will no doubt face many challenges as you navigate the immigration process. There are several things to keep in mind when applying for a green card. By seeking clarification of U.S. immigration law ahead of time and knowing how to access available support when needed, you may be able to avoid a lot of potentially stressful situations.

Destress your Thanksgiving with these post divorce tips

Many New Jersey residents are anticipating the hustle and bustle of a new holiday season that's just around the bend. You may have already done some of your Thanksgiving shopping and started formulating your guest list. If you just went through a divorce, this year's celebration will likely be a bit different than others in the past. Then again, if holidays usually led to major arguments and discord during your marriage, you might be greatly looking forward to trying something new.

Make the only removal process you have be elimination of stress

If you're one of thousands of immigrants who live and earn an income in New Jersey, you may relate to various challenges and obstacles that those who share similar experiences often face throughout the nation. Although your individual circumstances are unique according to your own background and status, etc., you may find that you have certain things in common with other immigrants, especially the anxiety and stress that often accompanies life in the United States after emigrating from another country of origin.

Can a terry stop lead to deportation?

As an undocumented immigrant in New Jersey, you may worry about police pulling you over in a traffic stop. However, other situations could pose the same amount of risk to you with regard to your status and potential legal problems. For instance, a police officer may conduct a terry stop. Chances of this are high if you are witness to a fight or other situation that leads to a criminal investigation.

These landlord issues may get you into trouble with the law

Perhaps you've always dreamed of owning an apartment complex and offering safe, affordable housing to people in your New Jersey community. As a landlord, you likely want your tenants to be satisfied with the way you manage things because tenants who are happy tend to stay on longer. Although being a landlord may be a rewarding experience in many ways, there are also many complications and problems that can arise that turn a good day into a bad one.

Criminal charges may impact your immigration proceedings

Living as an immigrant in New Jersey has no doubt presented several challenges in your life. In addition to common struggles, such as language barriers and cultural differences, you may have also faced complications regarding your legal status, employment or other official matter at some point in your journey. Many immigrants say they live in fear, especially where recent crackdowns on legal enforcement of deportation regulations are concerned.

3 questions you may have about disorderly conduct

From time to time, many people enjoy going out with their friends and letting loose. You may take advantage of such outings yourself, and you may also enjoy the occasional alcoholic beverage. Of course, you likely also know that such outings could have the potential to get out of hand if someone consumes too much alcohol or otherwise becomes too rowdy.

Things to know about immigration detention in New Jersey

You may be one of thousands of people who came to New Jersey in search of better lives for themselves and their children. Often, immigrants flee war-torn nations, abject poverty and imminent violence. Others are entrepreneurs who wish to invest in the American economy and add their own business ideas and savvy skills to the mix. Life as an immigrant is often challenging; many people face language barriers and/or obstacles with their visas or other residency status issues.

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