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ICE arrests lead to need for criminal defense

Fear is a part of everyday life for some in New Jersey. They are fearful that they or a family member will be deported and no longer able to live in the community in which they have raised their children and called home for a number of years. For many of these individuals, the fear of being charged with a crime heightens this deportation fear. If this were to happen, in addition to needing a criminal defense, the individual would need someone familiar with immigration policies as well.

Charges of conspiracy and forgery require criminal defense

Every day, individuals across New Jersey buy and sell cars. Sometimes they buy from a dealer; sometimes they buy from an individual. Most of the time, these transactions require some form of financing; sometimes they are cash transactions. In all cases, however, the title is transferred to the new owner and filed with the proper agency. The need for a criminal defense in any part of this normal, everyday occurrence is not readily apparent.

New Jersey doctors provide criminal defense to bribery charges

Whenever possible, New Jersey doctors are in the business of making people well again. In order to do so, they typically examine the patient to determine the problem. Many times, additional tests are needed to provide an accurate diagnosis. Doctors should be able to recommend facilities that they believe will provide the appropriate service without fear of needing to provide a criminal defense.

What if I violate my probation?

When you are given probation instead of being sent to jail, your natural reaction may understandably be to breathe a sigh of relief. However, not going to jail does come with multiple obligations that you have to meet during the term of your sentence. If you end up not meeting these probation obligations in New Jersey, the consequences can be major.

Every murder is a homicide, but not every homicide is a murder

Do you use the words homicide and murder as if they mean the same thing here in the United States? Many people make this mistake. In legal terms, the two words mean different things. The definition of homicide includes any person killed by another person, but that death might not necessarily fall under the definition of murder.

Man charged with assaulting postal worker on Christmas Eve

The holidays can have a funny way of bringing out surprising sides of people, and New Jersey is certainly no stranger to surprising behavior. A Newark man is now facing serious charges after the U.S. Postal Service filed claims against him, alleging that he attacked a clerk after they had a disagreement on Christmas Eve.

Home technology's emerging role in criminal investigation

Technology continues to creep into our everyday activities. While high-tech tools provide convenience to its users, they are also unlocking an easy way for police to investigate criminal activities both in and out of the home. Can the information you provide to "the internet of things" be used against you in the court of law?

What are possible defenses to drug possession charges?

If you have been charged with drug possession, you may be worried about the possible consequences if you are convicted of the crime. You realize you may be facing hefty penalties, possible jail time and fines to pay. However, you also know you have rights and that an attorney can help dismiss or reduce penalties based on the specific facts of your case and what actually happened.

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