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Man in New Jersey facing major criminal defense problems

A trip to Walmart wound up not only changing the rest of one man's day, but his entire life. The man will likely be focused on preparing his criminal defense as he faces serious allegations regarding theft and leaving the scene of an accident. The 27-year-old is currently behind bars on bail set at $5 million.

Police say the man stole nearly $300 worth of goods from a department store. The events that unfolded thereafter quickly turned tragic. He is accused of rushing out of the store and placing his young son in his vehicle without proper seat restraint. Authorities say he also tried to conceal his license plate with an article of clothing.

Immigrant facing deportation and criminal defense issues

Many New Jersey residents understand what it's like when one problem exacerbates another. For instance, an immigrant who winds up facing legal trouble for one thing may also encounter related issues that affect his or her general residency status. Sometimes, strong criminal defense representation helps resolve such problems. One man, who happened to be living in another state without proper documentation, is currently facing multiple problems regarding impending removal and an indictment more than a decade old.

The man was taken into police custody a couple months ago when police suspected him of illegal drug possession. After his arrest, police learned that there was an existing warrant for him in another state. The incident relating to the warrant occurred in 2003.

Make the only removal process you have be elimination of stress

If you're one of thousands of immigrants who live and earn an income in New Jersey, you may relate to various challenges and obstacles that those who share similar experiences often face throughout the nation. Although your individual circumstances are unique according to your own background and status, etc., you may find that you have certain things in common with other immigrants, especially the anxiety and stress that often accompanies life in the United States after emigrating from another country of origin.

Although your life may be very rewarding in many ways, you may also understand what it's like to feel worried or concerned about potential legal status problems, especially if you have heard stories of others who were separated from their families or watched immigration officers lead their loved ones away in handcuffs.

Medical worker suffers fatal personal injury as a pedestrian

Standing at a bus stop in New Jersey can apparently be a life-threatening experience. A 59-year-old woman recently suffered a fatal personal injury in an accident involving a bus. The woman is said to have been an employee of a nearby medical facility. The situation has led authorities on a manhunt.

The accident occurred early one recent morning when the woman was at a bus stop near her workplace. A bus suddenly struck her. Sadly, she did not survive the impact of the crash. No details were provided as to how many other people may have been at the bus stop at the time although no other injuries were reported.

Game-changer up ahead for immigration and naturalization process

New Jersey is home to many immigrants. Some live here with permanent residency statuses, some with temporary visas and others who were undocumented when they entered the country. The latest news suggests there are major changes in the works for the immigration and naturalization process that have immigrant advocates on edge. They say the proposed changes may place the privacy of many people at risk.

As part of the new vetting process set to take place in the United States come mid-October, all immigrants would have to give the U.S. government access to their social network accounts by providing handles, passwords and all profile information. The terminology within the prospective new vetting plans is far too vague, say many advocates who are concerned about the U.S. government trampling people's privacy rights by basically requiring any and all personal information available in digital form. It seems the United States is not the only country taking this direction as it was also recently reported that a man at an airport in the United Kingdom refused to hand over his passwords to security and was ultimately convicted on charges of terrorism because of it.

Can a terry stop lead to deportation?

As an undocumented immigrant in New Jersey, you may worry about police pulling you over in a traffic stop. However, other situations could pose the same amount of risk to you with regard to your status and potential legal problems. For instance, a police officer may conduct a terry stop. Chances of this are high if you are witness to a fight or other situation that leads to a criminal investigation.

In a terry stop, a police officer may stop you while you're standing on a sidewalk or walking down the street. He or she may tell you that the purpose of their approach is merely to ask you a few questions. Such words are obviously enough to make someone in your position worry how the next few moments and hours will unfold.

More than one person suffered personal injury in New Jersey wreck

New Jersey police were recently summoned to the scene of an automobile accident in the wee hours of a Tuesday morning. When the call came in, police were told that one of the vehicles involved in the crash appeared to be on fire. First responders headed out and learned further details upon their arrival at the scene, including the fact that several people had suffered personal injury in the accident.

When police arrived at the accident site, they noticed that three separate vehicles had actually been involved in the collision. The call they had received regarding a vehicle fire seemed to coincide with smoke they saw coming from deployed airbags in one of the cars. Three people suffered injuries not considered life threatening, and they were transported to various medical facilities in the area for treatment.

Drunk trucker in New Jersey causes personal injury and death

Any New Jersey motorist who gets behind the wheel after consuming alcohol is placing his or her own life at risk as well as all who share the roadways. Police were recently called to the scene of a terrible accident. They later stated their suspicions that a tractor-trailer driver who was involved in the collision that caused personal injury and death was intoxicated when the accident occurred.

The horrific scene initially unfolded at approximately 3:30 p.m. on a recent Wednesday. Authorities say the big rig, driven by a 38-year-old male, slammed into the rear of another vehicle. That car was then catapulted forward, hitting another vehicle on the road.

These landlord issues may get you into trouble with the law

Perhaps you've always dreamed of owning an apartment complex and offering safe, affordable housing to people in your New Jersey community. As a landlord, you likely want your tenants to be satisfied with the way you manage things because tenants who are happy tend to stay on longer. Although being a landlord may be a rewarding experience in many ways, there are also many complications and problems that can arise that turn a good day into a bad one.

If you know how avoid common landlord mistakes and do your best to immediately address any issue of concern, you may enjoy a long, satisfying career and your tenants may even designate you as their favorite landlord.

Prior criminal defense issues revisited upon immigrant's arrest

A family outside New Jersey whose main breadwinner also happens to be an undocumented immigrant recently rejoiced when the father/husband was finally released from a detention center. They will obviously never be able to recapture the six months' time they lost together as a family; however, they say they're happy to have the head of their family back under their roof. A prior criminal defense situation appears to have had something to do with the man's arrest.

The 49-year-old restaurant worker was reportedly taking his daughter to school one day when law enforcement agents wearing clothing with the word police across the back took him into their custody. As it turned out, the officials were working for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement as they led the man away from his sobbing daughter. The 14-year-old girl did something at the time that would prove very helpful to her father later.

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